Why Building Inspections Are Important for Property Investors

Why Building Inspections Are Important for Property Investors

Importance Of Building Inspections


Investing in property involves huge sums of money changing hands. Therefore, as a property investor, this is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make from time to time. So the more informed you are when buying property, the more you will get value for your money. But there’s only one way to do this – through building inspection. It also helps you negotiate the price of the property you want to buy at the time of purchase, so you end up getting a fair deal.

What Is Building Inspection?

Qualified Building Inspections Queensland
Ideally, you will need information about a property before buying. This information is what influences your decision to buy or not to buy. This is a comprehensive report that includes key details on the structural integrity of the building. It also includes major expenditures that are likely to be involved in the long term, and all the things that you are likely to miss out when inspecting before the actual purchase can take place. Whenever you are looking at buying or selling a property it is crucial to employ the services of a qualified building inspection company to make sure you get an accurate and reliable report. The report allows you to discover the condition of the property before a purchase is made.

Why Building Inspections Are Important for Property Investors

This is one question that investors tend to ask from time to time. Well, there are several reasons to justify such inspections conducted on a building during purchase. Here are some of the things you need to know so that you don’t end up losing money:

(a) Avoid Costly Nightmares

The spacious kitchen benches, stylish decor, beautiful-looking rooms and outdoor retreat areas can easily get you carried away. It’s easy to forget the key details by thinking that what you’re seeing is the ultimate property for the price you’re paying. But you might be in for a rude shock!

To be safe, enlist the help of a professional building inspection expert to carry out checks. The following are some of the things that professional building inspection service looks at:

  • Structural integrity of the building
  • Defects such as mold inside bedrooms
  • Fretting brickwork
  • Termite damage
  • Cracks in walls etc.

(b) Don’t Be Surprised

Inspection is necessary to ensure that the building is in line with the existing state building codes. Inspection also ensures that the property doesn’t have any major flaws that can quickly erode its value. You need a comprehensive pest inspection report. You also need to have a complete report of the status of sub-floors and external areas of the property that may be within 50m off the boundary line.

Minor inspections can be conducted by you. However, the problem is, there are some issues you may ignore or overlook. These issues tend to be costly in both short and long term. This is where a professional building inspector comes in. They will inform you of dampness in the walls, damages, faulty electrical wiring and whether or not the structure will need renovation.

(c) For Budgeting Purposes

It’s a fact that many investors buy homes that may need repairs in the near future. Consequently, the property becomes costly to maintain, so they end up spending more money instead of saving. Obviously this beats the logic of being an investor in the first place. If you are an investor and you’re signing a contract without having the building inspected professionally, you are gambling with your money. Save yourself the headache by accurately estimating the cost of renovation.

(d) Use It As A Negotiating Benchmark

Even when the outcome of the inspection turns negative, you don’t have to kiss the property goodbye. Instead, you can take advantage and negotiate for a lower price to get the building and renovate it. This is one way of purchasing property cheaply. But you must factor in the cost of renovation before you purchase the building.

What Are The Costs?

Building and Pest Inspection Cost

Having a building inspected professionally is not that costly. Depending of where the building is located, an average building and pest inspection can cost anywhere between $300 and $600. Keep in mind that the average cost of termite damage on a property can cost you up to $7000. That does not cover the cost of other repairs not related to termites.

In other words, paying for a building inspection service makes enough business sense. Furthermore, it gives you a peace of mind knowing that what you’re buying is worth paying for.



Many investors are beginning to discover the value of carrying out a comprehensive inspection on all buildings they buy in Australia. It’s a wise decision that could save you hundreds of dollars in the future. After all, the motive is to make profit out of your real estate business.

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Brisbane Building Industry Creates New Jobs For Builders

Brisbane Building Industry Creates New Jobs For Builders

Builder Contractors In Demand in Brisbane

Building Industry Brisbane

The capital city of Queensland is one of the biggest cities in Australia. A major business hub and one of the fastest growing cities in Australia, the city has seen a tremendous growth in the number of construction projects and this in return has contributed in a growing number of construction job opportunities available to residents and other people from around the country. Located approximately 600 miles (1000 km) north of Sydney, Brisbane is popular with holiday makers and offers a great option for people seeking to explore the southern part of Queensland.

Growing demand sees increase in house prices

The price of houses in Brisbane has contributed to the rise in demand for the same and this has seen an increase in the number of constructions taking place as more people get involved in real estate business. According to the latest reports however, this demand has also seen an increase in prices for new homes and this has come with its own share of pros and cons. For example, it cannot be lost to observers that the rise in the number of constructions that have been registered in the city comes as a clear indicator of the growing development of Brisbane. This reflects an overall growth of Queensland’s economy thus making it an attractive place for investors to pour their dollars.

The new constructions are expected to have an impact on the city by:

  • Creating more employment opportunities for the population
  • Making available more houses for families and construction workers
  • Improve the economic growth of Brisbane and Queensland as a whole

Increased constructions see an increase in construction jobs

Investors have over the past few years been spending heavily in construction of new residential property in the city. Recent studies reveal that families are especially looking for homes in Brisbane and people who are interested in construction jobs have also flooded the city to take advantage of the rising number of jobs in different levels. It is clear that the growth of the city automatically translates to the increase in the number of construction job opportunities for grabs.

More residential apartments constructed last year

As Brisbane building industry creates new jobs for builders, cranes have also become a common feature as they dominate the city’s skyline. Over the past few months, approximately 48 cranes were already operating within the city and this is a clear indicator that the construction industry has received a boost and many investors have confidence in the city. Additionally, the number of jobs created by the industry has also gone up. For example, a report by Place Advisory showed that there were more than 1,225 new residential apartments which were available for sale by the end of March 2014. However, these were expected to supply the Brisbane market not more than 6 months.

Building approval statistics on the rise

Additionally, it is estimated that approximately 223,000 residents of Queensland are currently working in the construction industry and this is an impressive growth compared to the data released two years ago. Projections are showing that this number will likely increase further within the coming few years as new buildings and homes are constructed to support the expected population growth in Brisbane. Building approval statistics released by Australian Bureau of Statistics in August showed a 47 percent increase for the year ending in June 2014.


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